Welcome to the Feral Language's User Manual. Using this manual, you will be able to understand the usage of the language with relevant description and examples.

Feral is an interpreted, procedural, general purpose programming language which is fundamentally developed to write scripts in a very simple and efficient manner. It is most suitable for this use case because of ease of use and simplicity.

By design, Feral is a minimalistic language. This is not a shortcoming though. As a matter of fact, it supports some interesting concepts like first-class citizenship of virtually everything - variables, imports, functions, and even structures. But more on that later. Feral is meant to be small since its main purpose is scripting which usually does not require a huge set of complex features and hence, it's a rather minimal language, focusing primarily on providing decent performance with ease of use and extensibility.

This book is made to guide people who want to understand Feral and perhaps use it in their daily life. The book shall be the holy grail for this language as it is meant to go over every feature of the language.

Note that we will not dive deep in the technical details of the language unless required, instead, focusing on the usage of the language by the user.

This guide also intends to go over the standard library of the language with some examples.

Anyway, let's begin with the installation of the language, and start using it!